Thursday 31 October 2013

My very own Halloween/Samhain

So today I celebrated both Samhain and Halloween. Samhain is the most celebrated and important sabbath for wiccans. It's the witch's new year. The end of October and beginning of November has been traditionally a very important time for many cultures. The summer is over and it's time to enjoy of the harvest. It's also a time to celebrate the dead and to look back the previous year. For me the previous year has been full of exciting things and lovely memories. I will cherish those memories for the rest of my life. This year I really put an effort for celebrating both Halloween and Samhain. 

Vilya  was posing with me 

I think Halloween is kind of the "fun" side of the harvesting celebration. It's time for dressing up and have fun. I was wearing the "traditional" witch outfit for this year. It was actually the first time I was properly wearing my Alice and the Pirates Black Cat, Witch and the Apple tree skirt. I love this print so much since it's remanding me especially of Samhain. So what's the better time to wear it than today, right?

Blouse: eBay
Skirt: Alice and the Pirates
Tights: Teja Jamilla
Shoes: Bordello

Our Halloween decorations!

Samhain dinner: Karjala Roast Beef and Pumpkin pie

I'm off to watch Nightmare Before Christmas and to sleep. Have a super happy Halloween and Samhain! )O(


  1. Oi kun on suloisen karmiva asu ^__^ Ihana!

  2. Usually, I don't like coordination with the witch thema, but you did it so well ! :D The colors blend well together, I really like it ! :)

    1. I usually think that doing the "witch-thing" for halloween is quite boring actually, but this year I just really had to do it, because I was planning on using the Aatp skirt for so long within a witch-coord. Thank you so much!