Sunday 27 October 2013

Five Things Challenge

Last week I received a five things challenge from Sera. This is actually the first challenge post I'm doing, so a little bit different post for this time. 

Five things you need everyday:

  • Internet. I'm really addicted to internet. I just enjoy browsing different kind of sites, seeing funny things and learning something new everyday. What a time to be alive.
  • People. This applies mainly to the people I enjoy the most hanging out with. I used to be more comfortable about being alone before, but I think that it was because I really didn't have anybody to hang out with. After I moved in together with my boyfriend I found it harder to spend time on my own than I did before, which can be kind of annoying sometimes, since being on my own was a thing I was used to.
  • Music. My taste of music is very versatile. Finding good music is one of the best things I know in life.
  • Good food. I'm really greedy for good food, which can be a annoying thing sometimes (getting fat and all lol). I also get really annoyed when the food I make isn't as good as I was expecting, so becoming a better chef is one dream that I'm still driving for. I also really like these "expensive" foods such as chanterelle soup, garlic snails and European crayfish. My mom has spoiled me rotten with quality food I'm afraid.
  • Sleep. I'm one of those people, who like to sleep 10-12 hours a day. Sleep deprivation is something that I really can't handle that well.

Five books that I recommend

  • Maus from Art Spiegelman. Maus is an autobiographic graphic novel telling the story of his father, who survived the holocaust during World War II. 
  • The Hobbit from J.R.R. Tolkien. The classic novel of Tolkien is one of my favorite books ever. The whole world of Tolkien is full of interesting characters, settings and background stories. Lord of the Rings goes to this category as well.
  • Harry Potter series. Harry Potter was a big part of my childhood and when I was a teenager. A series which never grows old.
  • Agnes from Minna Canth. One of the best novels from a Finnish writer Minna Canth. It's a novel about a young woman, who gets jealous of her old childhood friend Agnes, who seems to have it all. Truth is not always as it seems. Canth is a brilliant writer whose novels portray well the life of women during 19th century.
  • Priest's Daughter (Papin tytär) from Juhani Aho. Juhani Aho is one of the classic authors of Finland. She portrays the life of a young girl of a priest who has to do things that are expected from her during 19th century. Even though the writer is a man from that time, he successfully presents the point of view of a young girl. The main character, Elli is one of my favorite characters of all time.

Five materialistic things I wish for Christmas 

  • New laptop. I'm totally frustrated with my current laptop, which is literally falling apart. It would be nice to be able to have a laptop which I can use for gaming.
  • Electric beater. I want to make cakes and desserts. No explaining needed.
  • Video camera. Even though I can take a videos with my phone it would be nice to record videos and to make different kind of montage videos from all kind of events and make the memories last even better.
  • Light pink blouse. Piece of clothing, which I'm stilling missing in my lolita closet.
  • New speakers. My mom broke my current ones a couple of years ago. I'm kind of fed up with the rustle they're making every once in a while.

Five places I would like to visit

  • Vienna. Beautiful city with a lot of history.
  • San Diego. Especially the Dan Diego comic con is the event, which is totally in my bucket list.
  • Saint Petersburg. The Paris of the east. Beautiful architecture and interesting history. The history of Romanovs is something I've been interested in for years and visiting The Winter Palace would be wonderful.
  • Japan. I would like to spend a lot of time in Japan, since I'm not only interested in visiting Tokyo, but in Kyoto and Okinawa as well. 
  • Australia. There's family from my mothers side living in Melbourne so visiting them would definitely be a big part of my trip. I also would want to go snorkeling to the Great Barrier Reef.

Five adjectives which describe me

  • Air head. I really often forget stuff I have to do. I also say wrong words and then make my own when I'm speaking Finnish (it's my native language wtf).  Everyday I'm derping.
  • Fun loving. I like to do all kinds of fun stuff, which is keeping me active and happy. I'll get bored easily so searching for all kind of fun stuff to do is essential for me.
  • Trustworthy. I want to be the kind of person who can be trusted on. If I'm promising something to someone, and I have to break that promise even for a good reason, it really gets me down and I feel bad about it for a long time.
  • Random/silly. My sense of humor can be kind of weird sometimes. I find it hard to find people who are having the same kind of sense of humor that I have. That's why I'm glad about my friends who laugh at the same kind of thing that I do.
  • Childlike. I think that it's really important to hold on your inner child. Life can be so serious that it's good to be a bit silly and maybe live a bit in your imaginary world. I'm getting a long with children well, because I try my best to hold on to the child philosophy. Just live in the moment and have fun. Being a boring adult is the worst thing that could happen to me.

That's all! I'm not going to tag anyone this time. Have a great Sunday folks!

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