Thursday 10 October 2013

Coffee and a bit of ranting

Today I went to Elena's for a coffee. We watched a Monster High movie, babbled and ate cute and delicious muffins which Elena made. Before I left we also took some outfit pictures. 

At first I was so pleased with the pictures that Elena took of me, but later I noticed, that one of my coats buttons was unbuttoned. I got really pissed off because, the pictures were otherwise so nice, with a nice autumn scenery and everything. And of course the pictures my bf took later were a lot crappier than which Elena took!! I know that I shouldn't get stuck with so small flaws in my outfits, but I cant help it. When I'm wearing lolita I just want everything to look perfect. I'm not so picky about these things, when I'm wearing my "normal clothes". For me it's just really important that I'm looking as elegant as I can be. And when it comes to elegance, with me there's no room for mistakes. I really don't pay so much attention on other people's outfits and I don't mind small flaws. I'm just really obsessively strict with my own outfits. Even though other people probably won't really even notice it. 

Absolutely fabulous!

Coat: New Yorker
Bag: Innocent World

Jumper: H&M
Blouse: BtssB
Skirt: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Bodyline

Details from the lovely Sheep Garden


Next time I'm going to be more careful. 
Or I just have to learn how to photoshop. Oh well, that's about it. 


  1. On kyllä ihanan syksyisiä kuvia. Teillä on kaunis ruska siellä :)

    Eih, mulle käy AINA tuo alushame vilkkuu homma, vaikka tarkistan peilistä että sitä ei näy niin aina se kuvissa vilkkuu! Siinä on vielä violetti reuna että oikein erottuu mustan hameen alta prkl!

    1. Joo tää on joku lolitojen ikuinen kirous. Jotenkin tuntuu et lolitan kanssa tulee PALJON enemmän noita virheitä ku normivaatteiden kanssa. Varmaan siks ku on niin paljon eri juttuja, joista pitää huolehtia kun ottaa kuvia :D.