Friday, 28 February 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival: Music inspired coordinations

I'm inspired by many things and one of them happens to be music. For a long time I've been thinking of putting together some outfits which have been inspired by, my absolutely most favorite band, Rammstein. Rammstein has been a big part of my life for a long time. I find their songs empowering, touching and perfectly inspiring. Even though their music is brilliant, the first thing I fell in love with Rammstein was Till Lindemanns lyrics. Sometimes I just want to read the lyrics, because they are like poetry.  There can be many ways of interpret them. The perfect combination of complex composing and lyrics really speaks to me personally. So here are couple of outfits, inspired of few of my favorite songs by Rammstein.

JSK: Metamorphose Temps de Fille
Blouse: Victorian Maiden
Shoes: Kobi Levi
Neclace: etsy
Ring: etsy
Headband: etsy

This particular song is actually about friendship (mainly about the friendship between the band members), but since sharks are part of the song, I really wanted to take the easy way out and make an outfit with a shark-theme. Sharks are awesome so what the hell. I also found those cool shark shoes, which are unfortunately reallyreallyreally expensive designer shoes by Kobi Levi.

Lyrics with translation in English and Finnish

JSK: Lusty'n Wonderland
Headdress: etsy
Necklace: etsy
Earrings: Storenvy
Shoes: Sole Society

Rosenrot (Rose-red, ruusunpunainen) tells a story about a girl, who's absolutely spoiled. She tells to a boy, who's in love with her, to get her a rose from the top of a mountain. The boy climbs the mountain, trying his best to get that rose for the girl she loves, but he loses his grip and falls. The selfishness and vanity of the girl gets the boy killed. I think this can be a metaphor for a relationship, where one is willing to do everything for the other, but still you can't get the love, respect or affection from the one you love. An you'll get hurt. You'll fall. That's sad.

Lyrics with translation in English and Finnish

My last song is Mein Herz Brennt (My heart is burning). I seriously tried for hours to put together an outfit, which would give the credit for the song. I have to admit that I failed to do that. No matter how much I thought about it and tried to find fitting headpieces and dresses, nothing was good enough. Mein Herz Brennt is much too important song for me, so I could just do a half assed outfit based on it.  So I'm just going put the music video in here. It's hauntingly beautiful and creepy. I hope you'll watch it (remember to put it in HD).

English and Finnish lyrics.

So that's all folks! I hope you liked this post. Please comment and tell me your inspirational songs.
I also made a"happyhappycute"-themed lolita playlist to 8track, so check that out too! Have a great weekend everybody!

Friday, 21 February 2014

Something in Your Life That You've Lolita-fied

Yay it's time for another LBC-post. So as the title says I should be telling about some thing that I have lolita-fied in my life. I decided to pick a subject, that is rarely discussed within lolita. And that is underwear! I think that the reason why underwear isn't really the most popular topic in lolita community is, that underwear is often highly linked to sex. And sex can be really tough subject when it comes to lolita. However personally I'm not uncomfortable about talking about sex or underwear, so that's why underwear is the topic of today.


I've always liked cute things. I think that lolita is kind of an obvious continuum of my love for cute things. Lolita has been so long part of my life (since I was a child really), that I can't really say that I have generally "loli-fied" my taste of underwear. It just kinda happened alongside of me growing up. However I also have those boring, ugly and "more comfortable" underwear. Let's face it. Cuteness and beautiful clothes often come with the "uncomfortable aspect". Nevertheless wearing cute underwear can sometimes be the thing that perks up your day and make it feel more special. 


Princess style anyone? I love the little gem in the middle.

Sweet and simple.


I love pastels. Especially lavender.

I think these bras are cute and simple. I bet they're quite comfy too. 
They remind me of seashells.


Look at that lace! Oh my!

When I saw this set I instantly thought of classic-lolita. 
The lace and the rose color are both really classically beautiful.

I love the details of this one.

This set could be suitable for gothic lolita as well, but the dark navy and off
 white/beige lace made me think that it's more classic.


Sweet and gothic mixed? Works!

This bra reminds me of dragon scales. 
Or maybe a mermaid's tail? Anyway I like it.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival: Romantic Coordinate Ideas

Hello everyone and happy Valentine's day! 
The LBC theme of the week is romantic coordinate ideas. Somehow I managed to remember that the theme was just "romantic outfits" so I ended up just doing one coordinate, but I guess it doesn't matter. Maybe someone is going to get some ideas from my outfit, hopefully :D. Anyhow here's my Valentine's day outfit!

Cutsew: BtssB
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Bodyline

Friday, 7 February 2014

The faun

Last weekend I was organizing and attending to Helsinki lolita convention (Hellocon). I took part of the brand versus off brand "show", where two people (one wearing a full on brand outfit, the other full off brand outfit) were battling against each other in a different categories. I was part of the fairytale forest category and decided to wear a faun outfit. Originally I was thinking of wearing completely different dress etc, but since I wasn't able to get the dress until a couple of days before the convention, that kinda failed (more about that later). In a way it was nice that I didn't have to buy almost anything for the show (except new shoes and some small crafting stuff), so this outfit was cheaper for me than the original plan.

When I was at the convention, I ended up being in a terrible rush, because I was also organizing the flea market. So I ran to the back room doing my make up and stuff within 30 minutes (which was horrible, so much stress!) The make up and the outfit for the actual fashion show didn't end up so good as I was planning, but I guess I did fine, since people were clapping etc. So far I there has been no decent pictures of me from the convention so I figured that I want to do a little photo shoot of the outfit, since I ended up liking it so much. Doing this kind of ott stuff is really fun and I really want to do this kind of photo shoots more often.

JSK: Dear Celine
Blouse: H&M
Shoes: Bodyline
Horns: Essin Maailma
Accessories: Random and self made
Jewelry: Kalevala Koru, random & self made

The hanging jewelry on the horns are actually little bells,
 they jingle nicely when you're walking.

That's it for now! I'm posting about Hellocon later and I've other stuff in store to blog about too (I've been super busy lately so that's why the hiatus). Stay tuned!

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