Monday, 21 May 2012

Moomin madness

When I was a child, the Moomins was my the most favorite TV-series. My mother also used to read, for all of us children, the Moomin books of Tove Jansson. When I was a teenager I found the Moomin comics by Tove and Lars Jansson, and let me tell you they're hilarious. So basically I've grown up with the Moomins so naturally they're still a big part of my life. Lately I've once again got the "moomin madness". I've followed the anime series from youtube (you can watch them in Finnish from here ), read the comics and books again. So last week when I went to the countryside with my parents, I decided to put on a little moomin-themed photo shoot. My grandma did this wool hat for my dad years ago and even then I used to call it the "Snufkin-hat". I gathered a rule 63-based Snufkin outfit around that same hat :D.  So here you go, a lovely mix of cosplay and lolita!

Miss Snufkin

Jsk: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Blouse: eBay
Cardigan: My mom's
Boots: Bodyline
Hat: Made by my grandma
Accessories: Random

Now I'm off to bed, see ya later!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Living Dead Girl

My "normal" style for a change. During this year my style has changed quite a lot. I don't really know what kind of style genre this is, and honestly, I don't even care. Anyhow, this is how I usually dress while not doing lolita. I think that in lolita I can express the girlyness in me so while I'm dressing "normally" ( gosh I hate that word) I kind of like to show off my "attitude".

Jumper: Seppälä
Shorts: H&M
Leggings: Black  Milk
Creepers: eBay
Accessories: eBay

Extra picture time!

I ponyfied myself :D teehee, cute as hell if I say it myself.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Favorite dress meetup in Tampere

A couple of weeks ago I was in a meetup that Silkuchu organized. Once again I had a blast and derping around in that meet up was quite endless. You can see a results from lower :---D. Please be a darling and click the pictures bigger :>. And now to the business! Almost every picture is taken by Silkchu.

Bonnet: Innocent World
Jacket: Second hand
JSK: Btssb
Shoes: Bodyline
Acessories: Vintage & random

Mämmä and I posing with the super cute cards that Silkuchu had made for us. 
They resemble their owner, how cute is that? The same picture taken from two different angles.

Holy lolitas.


I don't even know what's happening in here... :---DD

Same outfit but with a new hat!

Holy moly, check out those bloomers, so indecent! 

'Loki'd' With Tom Hiddleston

This is like the best video ever :D. It makes me so happy :----D.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Picnic meetup at Tampere

Last weekend I attended to a meetup which Aristosa organized. There was a lot of good food and lovely people. The day was successful, even though my shoes broke ( the heel kind of just ripped open and we had to go to buy some glue for it) and the rest of the day my walking looked like I was a one legged pirate. I guess I was quite a hilarious sight when I tried to stay up with my wedges in a rocky and bumpy hill where the meetup was held :D. Anygays I had a blast, let's do this again! All of the pictures are taken by lovely Yoshh.


Yoshh and I :3!

Lume and I <3! Kati on the background :>

Jsk: Btssb
Blouse: eBay
Cardigan: second hand
Shoes: eBay
Tights: Teja Jamilla @ etsy
Accessories & hat: H&M, Gina Trickot, random

Details of the hat and necklace

Loli-group photo 

And the rest of the group :>!

That was all for now folks, have a great Wednesday!

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Museum visit

Today I visited the National Museum with my mom and sister. As a total history-nerd, I truly loved to be there. I could spend my whole day in there. It would be lovely to organize a meetup to the National Museum, but at the moment I have more of meetup plans that I can handle :D. Anyhow this is what I was wearing.

 Blouse: Vintage
Shoes: Bodyline
Accessories: H&M, Seppälä & random