Friday 1 November 2013

Tips for Staying Warm in the Fall

This weeks Lolita Blog Carnival-post is how to stay warm during fall. Since here in Finland fall starts to reach it's end and the winter is creeping in, I found that this topic really useful. Autumn and winter can be really cold in Finland, so if you want to keep wearing lolita during the icy months, I've found some of these following tips to be more than necessary. 


Socks really are the essential part of your fall/winter outfits. The cold breeze under your hem isn't as bothering, when you're wearing a thick pair of tights. I especially recommend fleece-lined tights, which you can find from almost every department store. They can be a bit boring, so if you want to perk up the look of your legs, wear a pair of lacy tights over them!

Thigh high wool stockings are also a great way to keep your legs warm. There are many kind of stockings available in various online stores. For example many eBay sellers and American Apparel is selling thigh high stockings, suitable for fall and winter. However if you're living in a really cold country, as I am ( the temperature can be -30° C during the winter), you'll need a thicker pair of woolen socks. You can either make your own pair or buy a handmade one. There are couple of stores in etsy, which are selling handmaid woolen stockings in various colors. Don't forget to wear your garter belt to hold up the stockings!

Warm bloomers

Regular bloomers can be quite thin, so wearing a thicker pair of warming shorts underneath, may come handy. You can either buy those kind of boring-looking warming pants or you can lolify the warming of your butt with cute shorts like these!

And last, but not least:
Drink lots and lots of tea, coffee and hot chocolate!

Hot drinks not only keep you warm, they really can make you feel a bit better, if you're feeling down because of the darkness and cold. They also help you if you're suffering from seasonal cold, like I was a week ago. 

That's about it! Have a great weekend everybody, and stay warm !!


  1. those sweet room shorts look good, do you have any? are they really warm? also loling forever at "you can lolify the warming of your butt"

    1. Yeah I've got a pair of those. They're a bit small for my big butt so they're more like panties, but they're still super soft and comfy. They're great under a pair of bloomers. Thank you for your comment ^u^!

  2. Np! I ended up getting a pair, after seeing them here some popped up on comm sales. They are kind of small for my butt too but I like them anyway lol.

    1. Aren't they soft though? I feel like touching my butt all the time, when I'm wearing them :D.