Saturday, 21 September 2013

Visiting the Natural Museum

Yesterday I was in an animal themed meetup, which was organized by Katja. We visited the Natural History Museum in Helsinki. I hadn't been there in a while so it was nice to go there again, especially because there was an exhibition about bats. I was a little disappointed about the display though, because it was quite scanty. Nevertheless I liked being there. 

JSK Dear Celine
Blouse eBay
Socks Chantilly
Shoes and bolero Bodyline
Brooch Emmi Vartiainen

Group photo with all the lovely people !!

"Hey there pretty lady."

What does the fox say? 

Chicken-cherveaux sandwich

That's all folks! Good night and have a great weekend!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Coffee at Wild Garden

Last Saturday I went for a coffee with Susanna, Elina, Laura and Toni. We decided to go to this awesome café called Villipuutarha (wildgarden). It's probably my favorite café at Helsinki, even though I've visited there only once before. The decoration is just awesome. When you go there it's like stepping in to some kind of fantasy land. The pictures I took don't really give the credit for the incredible interior design. I personally think the place is really cost-effective, considering how good the food is. I don't really know any really cheap and good coffeehouses in Helsinki.

The most delicious salmon sandwich.

Laura, Susanna and I ended up babbling about Animal Crossing, causing boredom for Elina and Toni. Sorry about that. (。・ω・。)

Theres a lot of stuffed animals and flowers on the walls of Villipuutarha.

The coolest bathroom ever, it's black.

 Elina and Susanna

Susanna fixing the bow in my bracelet

Jsk Btssb
Blouse eBay
Shoes Bodyline
Accessories random

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Pokemon Madness

Hey there!

This summer has been the busiest summer for a while. I've done so much stuff, that I can't even remember all of it. Anyways I've had a good time doing other stuff than dressing up and blogging. Sorry about that. I hope that from now on I'll be blogging more often.
June and July were quite hot here in Finland. That kinda limited the amount I really put on something nice. I really like wearing shorts. Especially minishorts. Even though I'm not the skinniest gal, I really enjoy wearing them because I think they look nice and cute. Oh well if you like to put on something, do it, right?
During July I also got really into Pokemon, since I bought Soul Silver on my Nintendo DS. Needles to say that I'm super duper excited about the new Pokemon game coming out in October. My enthusiasm also showed in my outfits. I like to pretend that I'm a pokemon trainer. 

Cap Made by me
Sailor top Bodyline
Overall Vero Moda
Shoes Bodyline

Cap eBay
T-shirt Busted Tees

My boyfriend had a birthday in May so I bought him a T-shirt from Busted Tees. They sell these really cool anatomical pokemon shirts, which I'd seen in Tumblr. Since I bought his favorite strater pokemon, Squirtle, for him, I really had to buy my favorite, Charmander. I really like this shirt it's so cool and comfy.