Sunday, 6 July 2014

April stuff

In April I was hanging out with Carmilla and shopping for mother's day present (which I actually ended up leaving home by accident). For a while now I'm been really into folk things, so I kinda tried to do something like that with this outfit. I'm not really sure is this just normal clothing or lolita, but I was aiming to lolita at least.

Bag by Btssb and jewelry by Kalevala koru, 
everything else is second hand or offbrand.
We did visit the Moomin shop and I finally found the Moomin statue! It's so cute! I was a bit disappointed to the stuff they were selling in there, once again. I just can't understand why is it so hard to find different kind of Moomin-stuff in Finland. This is the home of the Moomins god damn it!

Cutie patootie Moomin.

We also ate lunch at cafe Gopal, which is a vegan restaurant. I was a bit suspicious towards the food at first, but it ended up being good! The cake was also good, except I was kind of worried I'll get an allergic reaction from it, since it happened to be full of raw nuts. Luckily everything went well!

Lovely Carmilla.
Friend picture yay!

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