Friday, 28 November 2014

Mega post part 2

Hi guys!

Once again my week has been super busy. I've been super stressed because of school and my personal life. A close relative of mine actually passed away a couple of weeks ago and I've got almost 10 different exams coming up, so yeah. But anyhow I decided to make a new blog post just to keep this blog active.

As I mentioned in the last blog post, my summer was great. I was in a lot of meetups, hanged out with my friends and family, travelled, met new awesome people and met my idol, Kaoru Mori.


Our balcony during summer. 
It was so warm! I felt like I was abroad while sitting on the sofa.

 Vilya & Varda. Varda wanted to eat the roses.

 Yavanna & Varda.


In June we didn't really have that many meetups, because it was so uncomfortably hot. So I mainly lounged around the house. I also went to France with my mom and sister. We travelled across Normandy but also spent a little time in Paris. I managed to go to the Angelic Pretty pop up store and of course, Btssb store!

Mont Saint-Michel

Claude Monet's Garden

 Some stuff I bought from Angelic Pretty's pop up store and my calendar.


Meeting Mori-sensei

JSK: Btssb
Bag: AP
Shoes: Bodyline

In July Animecon was held in Kuopio. The guest of honor was Kaoru Mori, mangaka, who has made the award winning series Emma and Bride's Story. When I first did hear about the fact that Kaoru Mori is indeed coming to Finland, I was incredibly happy. For months I was thinking what am I going to give her as a present when I finally meet her. Yoshh also asked me to make a presentation about Mori and her works. I finally decided to give her Kuutar (Moon Goddess) necklace from Kalevala Koru. The necklace is designed by mixing viking influences with ancient Finnish jewelry designs. I thought it would be fitting, since Mori makes historical manga series and the necklace is made in Finland.

The previous night before the convention was horrible. I was so overly exited and anxious about meeting Mori that I couldn't sleep at all. When I finally saw her on the stage, I got overly emotional and almost started to cry. When the first program was over, she asked people who were cosplaying her characters to come on the stage. They took some pictures and later on she wrote about it on her diary (which was published in Twitter). I got so jealous and disappointed, that in the end I didn't cosplay her character Shirley and I started to cry. I felt so stupid :D, like a teenage girl. So the day continued in super emotional mood (for me at least). At the end of the day it was time for the signing. When I finally met her I gave the necklace and explained about it. She said that she actually knows Kalevala Koru. I think she liked it. She's not like she draws herself. She had round face, light blue kimono and her hair on a bun. She was so beautiful. And I felt like crying after the signing was over. That's how happy I was.

The next day I had my presentation, which went really well. I got quite good feedback about it and I was happy that people did take part of the conversation and asked questions. It is truly fun to talk about something you feel really passionate about. I hope I can blabber about Kaoru Mori's work in the future too :D. I also managed to ask a question (Does she consider herself as a feminist?) in the Q&A program. All and all the whole weekend was super awesome!

Check out the Kaoru Mori fanblog I made!

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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Mega post part 1

I haven't posted anything for a long time now. I should really change that. I have been crazy busy during (spring) summer and autumn. So, I'm making a mega-post-series about the things I've doing. 

My summer started quite early. It lasted from May to mid of August and I totally forgot my duties at school and just chilled out. I must say that this summer has been probably the best I've ever had. So many fun things happened and I actually wore lolita a lot. I've just noticed that my style has been in a slump for a while now. I should really buy new accessories and stuff in general, but the problem is my bad financial status. Isn't it great to be an adult? Fuck no. I'm still waiting that I'm going to win at the lottery and all my troubles will magically go away, horray (need to start buying the tickets first though)!


Tampere Kuplii

 Blouse: Vintage
Everything else: Random

I went to Tampere kuplii during May with local lolitas. I must say I have really enjoyed living in Tampere. I've befriended and met so many people and my local community is just best. We have a meetup several times in a month, sometimes even every weekend. I really like that, even though my creativity with outfits isn't that good. 



Blouse: eBay
Skirt: Cloudberry Lady
Tights: Teja Jamilla
Shoes: Bodyline
Cardigan: KappAhl

I haven't blogged about Enchanted or my trip to London at all. Oh well. So I went to Enchanted, which was organized by Street Fashion Europe. I was actually kind of working in there, since I was seller on Cloudberry Lady's table, while Tuulia and Anna were doing other stuff. I wasn't satisfied with my outfit at all, especially after seeing all of the amazing people in amazing coordinates. I felt so under dressed. A mistake I'm not doing again while going to a lolita event. I was happy to wear Cloudberry Lady's mermaid print skirt though, since it's one of my favorite prints ever.

I also tried the hat I later bought from Cloudberry Lady'd tea party.
Thank you Anna for taking the pictures!

Cloudberry Lady on 

Coffee with friends

Blouse: Seppälä
JSK: BtssB
Bonnet: Innocent World
Shoes: Bodyline

I've been actually thinking about selling this bonnet, 
because I think it makes my head look so big. 
What do you think? I'm not really sure if I'm a bonnet girl.


First picnic meetup of the year

Picture taken by Elina

JSK: Btssb
Blouse: Vintage
Jewelry: Kalevala Koru
Picture taken by Elina

Jewelry details.

 I look like I'm staring in this picture but actually I'm chilling in the sun with my eyes closed :D.
Picture taken by Bea.

Lovely ladies! Picture taken by Bea.

This was the first picnic meetup of the summer. 
Lots of great company, good food and fun! I wore a vintage blouse I bought from a National Theatre "sale". They were selling the old costumes and the place was packed full! I bought one huge trashbag of clothes with 40 euros. I think this blouse was something like 2 euros. I love the sleeves. 
(๑ơ ₃ ơ)♥
That's all for now!
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