Wednesday 18 February 2015

Going to the cat cafe!

A couple of weeks ago Sylvia and I went to cat cafe to pet some kitties. We ended up hanging out there until the place closed. I drank like a litre of coffee, because the refill of the coffee is free. It was my third time in there and the place is quite comfortable. Even though the service in Purnauskis is friendly, it doesn't usually go very smoothly. I reserved a table for us and they confirmed that but when we went there, there was no table for us so we had to wait that there was room for us. A couple of times before I've been there I had to wait for my food to arrive for a long time. The first time I was there they kinda forgot me and did bring my stuff after 30 min or so. I'm a Finn so yes, I waited that long without saying anything :D. Sometimes I'll get this feeling that they are still a bit clueless about how cafe's work. And that is understandable, because this is a new thing for them. The waitresses often end up chatting with customers (which is nice in a way) which often leads to the situation, where other customers are forgotten. But yeah I can't help but getting a bit annoyed about that, since good customer service is really important for me, especially when I pay for the service and the food. The food and coffee in Purnauskis are really good though. I'm a coffee enthusiast, so I'll say that the quality of the coffee is better than the average quality of coffee you'll get from Finnish cafe's.

The kitties liked Sylvia, one went under her hem :D.

Everything is offbrand + official Harry Potter scarf.

We talked a lot about Harry Potter with Sylvia and turns out that we're both Ravenclaw girls (yay)! When I went home I realized that my outfit was kinda Ravenclawy so I put my scarf and took some pictures :D.

 Come back soon Sylvia and let's watch all of those Potter movies ;D!

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  1. <3! Everything seems so lovely, both of you, the café, the cats... *o*

    1. Thank you <3! The cat cafe is pretty nice and the cats are silly :D.