Wednesday 11 February 2015

Dark-mori things

Woop woop! 
Lately I've been grown a certain interest towards dark-mori-kei / strega fashion. I've always liked dark things but I feel like finally I've found my own style besides lolita, of course. I love loose clothing so this style suits me more than well. I still have to gather a lot of different kind of pieces, but I'm getting there. Here's a couple of outfits I've been wearing lately. The first one I was wearing in a Christmas meetup and the second one for my dear friend Carmilla's tea party :).

Jewelry: Kalevala Koru & random
Scarf: Glitter
Dress: Btssb
Cardigan: H&M
And boots

Cardigan: Gina Tricot
Scarf: Glitter
Everything else trifted or something

I also did a new playlist
Click here to listen it.

I also participated an /cgl/ drawing thread and a lovely anons did draw these for me.
Thank you!

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