Friday 23 January 2015

Lolita music

Lately I've been making a lot of playlists. Like a LOT. I discovered 8tracks, which is basically a site, where you can make your own playlists/internet radio thingies and people can listen them. I've made Anime playlists and so on but mainly, and more importantly, lolita playlists. These playlists are inspired by lolita fashion and they include music, that I like to listen while getting in to a specific lolita mood. So I've got playlist for sweet lolitas, classic lolitas, gothic lolitas, gangsta lolitas, magical girl lolitas and a winter playlist for lolitas (yeah, I've been busy). So what I'm gonna do, is posting all of them here. Check them out if you want. Music is really important for me so making these playlists has been REALLY fun and I am gonna make more of them. Also, check out my profile on 8tracks. There's another playlists too.

This playlist is made especially for sweet lolitas.
It includes upbeat j-pop, electronica and generally just cute songs.

Feeling like a lady? Then this playlist is just for you.
Classic lolita inspired playlist with classical, instrumental and ladylike music.

Playlist for gothic princesses.
Let the darkness devour your soul and feel the
dark dreams coming. Gothic lolita inspired
playlist with dramatical, powerfull and classical music.

You know that feeling, when you're walking outside and it's snowing.
Everything seems magical and peaceful.
This playlist is made for those moments.
Extra cuteness is included (of course).

You're a bad ass bitch? Good, you better be.
Get rich or die trying, you need to by mo' brand, right?

You're a magical girl and a lolita?
Good! Better go and fight the bad guys
while being kawaii as possible. Playlist includes upbeat cute songs.

I can't believe I actually forgot to post this! 
It's my first lolita inspired playlist ever :D.
1 hour of music which gets me in to that special lolita feeling.

Phew! That's all for now. I'm going to update my blog soon. I've been crazy busy with my school again, but I've got a looong holiday coming after next week so stay tuned and listen good music!

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