Monday, 12 May 2014

Disney themed coordinates, Beauty and the Beast

Last week's Lolita Blog Carnival theme, Disney themed coordinates, was a theme I really wanted to participate in. Even though I'm posting this late (busy mother's day weekend with a lot of happenings), I just had to do this blog post. There have been so many good themes lately and I've been so bummed, because I didn't have any time to participate on those :<. Oh well... maybe I can make my own posts about those in the future. I actually decided that I'll make a series of Disney themed coordinates so you'll see more of these. So anyway, back to the business!

My ultimate favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast. I've been really obsessed with it since I was a child. We didn't own the VHS tape when I was a child, but my cousins did and I was borrowing it constantly. I really wanted to be Belle. I wanted to be able to sing like her. In my opinion she was the most beautiful Disney princess, and she still is. The whole movie is really magical for me. I love the animation to the death and I cry every time I watch the movie.

As I grew up, the plot also got more meaningful. I love the fact that the Beast (or Adam) and Belle fell in love, even though they disliked each other at first. It's also great that both Belle and Adam are so feisty. I can imagine how they argue. :D I'm a sucker for that kind of "stormy" relationships, teehee!
It's true that there's also some negative aspects in the story ( like the fact that Beast did take Belle as a prison in a first place), but the main message in my opinion is that you can really change if you want to. And if you love someone that means that you put that person's needs
before your own.

The best Disney kiss.

Everyday outfit

Dress: Dear Margaret
Blouse: Victorian Maiden
Shoes: Modcloth
Teapot necklace and teacup ring: Etsy

Belle's everyday outfit is really basic and simple. I wanted to keep my outfit also toned down. The Victorian Maiden's blouse was a perfect mach to the dress, since it's really similar to the blouse Belle's wearing in the movie. Belle isn't actually wearing any socks in the movie, but I wanted to add those, because we're still talking about lolita after all. I kinda tried to come out of my comfort zone by adding the ankle socks (I personally use mainly tights or thigh high socks). Are you ready for an adventure in the great wide somewhere?

Winter outfit

Dress & coat: Victorian Maiden
Boots: Modcloth
Hairbow: Innocent world
Necklace: Etsy
Ring: Etsy

This dress was probably my favorite dress of the movie. I love the rococo-like sleeves of Belle's dress. During the scenes where Belle is wearing this dress she also realizes that she has more feelings towards Beast than she thought. And that's a bit scary. Falling in love is scary. She still feels happy because she notices that there's a person she can really talk to and they also like same things, like reading (and Belle loves reading). 

Belle's ball gown

 Dress: Haenuli
Shoes: Modcloth
Necklace: Etsy
Haircomb: Etsy

Of course I had to use the newest dress from Haenuli, Beauty and the Beast OP in yellow. I want that dress so badly, but I don't have any money, so one can only dream. I wanted to make the outfit really classy and fancy. I like the rococo theme of the Haenuli dress and I actually now wish that in the film they would've used more rococo-like clothing. I personally would like to go ballroom dancing in this outfit.

Here's a makeup and hair tutorial for Belle's look.
You're lucky if you have a gorgeous brown hair.

Thank you for reading!

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Random outfit dump.

Hi again!

Like I said in the previous post, I've been wearing lolita quite often this year. I still haven't posted my outfits from Hellocon teaparty either. I didn't manage to get any decent pictures from Hellocon (I mean anything that I would be satisfied with). Anyhow, let's start from the latest random outfit!

Sunday coffee

Outfit from a couple of week back. I went for a cup of coffee and cake with my local lolitas. We hanged out in café Runo, which has a lot of potential for being the lolita café in Tampere. I wore a straw hat for the first time in this spring. Straw hats are the official mark of the spring for me.


JSK: BtssB
Blouse & shoes: H&M
Bag: Primark

Hellocon Teaparty

So the Hellocon teaparty was in February, after the main event. I was wearing Meltydream Pastel Galaxy JSK for the first time. I still haven't written the review of it, but let's just say in advance that I was disappointed to the dress. But more about that later. There was a meet and greet of Yuko Ashizava (designer of Atelier Pierrot) and model Midori Fukasawa. Both of them were really really nice and sweet and it was great to meet them.

JSK: Meltydream
Blouse: eBay
Shoes: Bodyline

Welcoming dinner in January

Erica organized a "welcome to the Tampere lolita community" -dinner for me and in January after we moved to Tampere with my boyfriend. We weren't able to go to the restaurant we wanted, but the evening still ended up being really nice. My boyfriend also saw my friend for the first time. Thank you Erica!

Dress: Metamorphose

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Cloudberry Lady Dessert Party & Sample Sale post and video!

Hello everyone! Long time no post. I've been terribly busy during last few weeks. School has been the main reason why my blogging hiatus has been this long. Even though I haven't blogged in a while, I've been doing a lot of lolita-related stuff! I've probably been wearing lolita more than ever, during these past months. Since I moved to Tampere, lolita has become even bigger part of my life than before, because now I can meet my frilly friends even during the week! Talking about frilly friends...

Last Sunday I attended to Cloudberry Lady's dessert party/sample sale. We were all celebrating Cloudberry Lady's 5th birthday and also the fact that Tuulia (designer of CL) is graduating! Yay well done! The dessert party was really a great idea, because normally at tea parties, you'll get only one little piece of cake, a macaron etc. In this party you could get coffee and tea as much as you wanted and you could also get a refill of ice cream! Yum! The menu also included macarons/meringues, fruit salad, a freshly made juice and/or sparkling wine. (★‿★) 

After the eating and shopping, a bingo was held. I can say that the atmosphere got really fired up, since the prizes were really good. Lots and lots of Cloudberry Lady clothes (dresses, blouses, bloomers..) and accessories. I bought the "VIP"-ticket so I could get an extra bingo sheet, but I ended up winning nothing (≖︿≖✿) (I'm a bad winner)

How ever later on there was also a Cloudberry Lady Quiz, and I won bloomers from that one, because I knew all of the answers (ง •̀┌┐•́)ง ! And cute bloomers they are. There's Sparkly Space Attack! print on them, which is one of my favorite prints from CL. I would really want the JSK in pinkxblack.

I had a lot of fun in the party, even though I was sick and super tired because of that. That's why I didn't take any outfit photos or anything. My whole outfit ended up being a mess, because I was still trying to figure out what to do with my hair etc, 10 minutes before my bus was leaving. I ended up buying this lovely hat, which I've been stalking since Enchanted. I did try it on in there and was like...whoa.. This hat is awesome! I don't really have that many hats, and they are mainly black anyway so this is a great addition to my wardrobe. Now I've finally hopped in to the CL-hat bandwagon.

I also bought woolen bloomers for next winter. I've been looking for woolen bloomers since forever and now these cuties were so cheap that it was a catch! There are little hearts on them. The little tote bag was a novelty gift and here you can also see the bloomers I won!

I made my very first video post about the party, so please check it out! The quality is a bit crappy, but oh well, at least I tried. Thank you for reading and please leave a comment!