Wednesday 7 May 2014

Random outfit dump.

Hi again!

Like I said in the previous post, I've been wearing lolita quite often this year. I still haven't posted my outfits from Hellocon teaparty either. I didn't manage to get any decent pictures from Hellocon (I mean anything that I would be satisfied with). Anyhow, let's start from the latest random outfit!

Sunday coffee

Outfit from a couple of week back. I went for a cup of coffee and cake with my local lolitas. We hanged out in café Runo, which has a lot of potential for being the lolita café in Tampere. I wore a straw hat for the first time in this spring. Straw hats are the official mark of the spring for me.


JSK: BtssB
Blouse & shoes: H&M
Bag: Primark

Hellocon Teaparty

So the Hellocon teaparty was in February, after the main event. I was wearing Meltydream Pastel Galaxy JSK for the first time. I still haven't written the review of it, but let's just say in advance that I was disappointed to the dress. But more about that later. There was a meet and greet of Yuko Ashizava (designer of Atelier Pierrot) and model Midori Fukasawa. Both of them were really really nice and sweet and it was great to meet them.

JSK: Meltydream
Blouse: eBay
Shoes: Bodyline

Welcoming dinner in January

Erica organized a "welcome to the Tampere lolita community" -dinner for me and in January after we moved to Tampere with my boyfriend. We weren't able to go to the restaurant we wanted, but the evening still ended up being really nice. My boyfriend also saw my friend for the first time. Thank you Erica!

Dress: Metamorphose