Sunday 8 December 2013

International Lolita Day in Tampere

Yesterday I went to Tampere to meet other lovely lolitas. It had been a while since I saw most of the lovely ladies, but since I'm moving to Tampere in 22nd of December, we'll be having lots and lots of meetups in the future! We visited Joulutori (Christmas market) and I saw a lot of nice things I thought of buying. In the end I only ended up buying roasted almonds with cinnamon. 

Coat: Fan+Friend
Dress: custom made
Blouse: Seppälä
Rest random

Cute Moomin gingerbread house

After Joulutori we headed to Tallipiha Café, where Erica had reserved a table for us. I think the place was really nice, especially because the reserved table was in a separate room. We were able to have our privacy (most of the time) and I think it would have been even possible to close the door. The place was decorated like 19th century home and I think it has a lot of potential of being lolita hangout place, much like The Ounce tends to be in Helsinki :D. I think I'm taking this "finding the best hangout in Tampere" as my next project.

I ordered the smoked salmon salad and even though it tasted wonderful, and the fish was really fresh, I think it was too small for my appetite.

Thank you Tiina for taking this photo!

There was a really cute chocolate shop in Tallipiha too...

...but they were selling these really questionable chocolate (?) boxes :'D.

I also want to inform, that I have a Facebook page for Daily Fuckery. I wasn't really sure what to think about making a facebook fan page for a blog which is so small, such as mine. After asking a bit around how people felt about the following and interacting of my blog, I felt that maybe it can be really useful. I'm hoping to get people to interact with me a bit more now :D. Anyway, I hope you will like the page! I'll be posting some extra stuff to the fb page too so stay tuned.


  1. Oli kiva miittailla, vaikka mun osaltani pikaisesti..höhmä h&m sekaannus. x)

    Todellakin pitää miittailla enemmän täällä päässä, kunhan saat raahaudutta uuteen kotiin. Treellä on monia ihan kivoja kahviloita ja parhaat herkut löytyy usein vähän jemmaisemmista paikoista. Tallipihalla on harmi, kun herkkutiski on mun mielestä puuttellinen, muuten se on aivan ihana paikka ja koko näsikallio siinä vieressä kesällä. ♥

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Niin oli! Tulee varmaan kierrettyä aika monta kahvilaa kun siellä kerta asuu. Ja Tampereella on niin paljon kivoja paikkoja, jossa voi kuvailla iiiih *U*!