Thursday 2 August 2012

Super fast Jell-O fish!

A couple weeks ago, during the Animecon weekend, there was a Cloudberry Lady teaparty in Kuopio. I must say that the teaparty was quite exquisite because the whole theme and the food were just awesome. I was also modelling in the small fashion show which was held in the teaparty. The idea was to dance on the runway, I don't know how well I did pull that off. Kati aka. Asio Otus however pulled the dancing and modelling theme really well, I was quite impressed actually. You can see the fashion show at the end of this post.

An to the other subject. May I introduce you the Cloudberry Lady's new print Jell-o Fish! The first time I saw this dress, it was love at first sight. There's jellyfishes in the print and they GLOW IN THE DARK! How fucking awesome is that? Obviously I had to buy it immediately, but you can get your own piece probably after Christmas. I just love this dress to pieces. 

Sinuski, Yoshh and I :>
Sinuski is wearing Jell-O Fish skirt in lavender and 
Yoshh is wearing the velveteen bird skull dress.

Close up from the print. It's actually dip dyed (pink to green).
The print is named Jell-O Fish, because if you look it at close you can see that some of he jellyfishes are actually like jelly. :D!

Glowing in the dark like motherfucker!

Cloudberry Lady Tea part @ Kuopio 2012
Click the video bigger!


  1. Toi biisi on rakkaus! :D Tää on niin ihana mekkonen ja se sopii sulle tosi kivasti!!