Monday 26 December 2011

New beginning.

I've been blogging in Tumblr for a while now. When I started my blogging in there I figured out that it was much more easier in Tumblr than it is in Blogger. Well that really wasn't the case. Tumblr is great for blogging only your pictures, but because I tend to add some extra prattle within the posts, I think that moving my main blog in to Blogger is the best solution.

I'm not planning of deleting the original Daily Fuckery, but for now on I'm mainly focusing on blogging in here and later on post my outfit pictures to the DF in Tumblr.
So let's see how the party is going to continue in here, shall we? I hope that by switching into blogger, the blogging might get much less complicated so I can post more often.

Nevertheless I just want to say hello to everybody who'll find this blog! The concept has changed so that from now on I'm also blogging about things I find inspiring. I'm manly blogging about my lolita and normal outfits. Anyways... let's see how this will work out!

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