Friday 20 March 2015

Wardrobe Post part.1

I guess most people made their wardrobe posts at the beginning of the year but since I'm late already(as usual), I'm going to start doing a blog post series now. First post is about my favorite jewelry. I really like jewelry. I tried to take pic of my favorite pieces, but after taking these pics I've bought more and yeah.

Brooch by Emmi Vartiainen
Sámi necklace made of reindeer bone and leather. 
I've had this since I was a child.

 Ceramic common kestrel necklace,
which is also a whistle. 
The direct translation of common kestrel from Finnish to English
is wind hawk (tuulihaukka).

From left to right:
Isis-necklace, which is actually my sister's
( I have to ask her if she wants it back, I'm quite fond of it though. Isis is my homegirl, yisss.)
Pentacle necklace I've made.
Moon & pentacle necklace from OfStarsAndWine.
And a plain ankh necklace.

Dark purple crystal necklace from my boyfriend. 
He gave me this on our first anniversary.
Old magnifier necklace.

Kalevala jewelry 
Some of them I've received as a gift,
some of them I've borrowed from my mom
and some of them I've bought myself.

Moon Goddess necklace, 
which my grandmother gave me as a birthday present
years ago.

On top: 
Sword brooch I bought from Paris a couple of years ago.
Black choker.
Down left: 
Sterling silver bird skull necklace. Christmas gift from my boyfriend.
Down righ:
Hourglass necklace 

Pearls, crystal brooch and necklaces. 

 Brass colored jewelry

Gold colored jewelry

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  1. Ihanuuksia <3
    Sulla on vaikka mitä aarteita! :D

    Tykkään etenkin noista kaikista luonto- ja kulttiaiheisista koruista ja tosta ihanasta saame-korusta!

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Näitä on lisääkin, mutta en jaksanut kaikkia ottaa mukaan :D Ongelmana on että mihin ne kaikki korut tunkee.
      Mun lempparit onkans noi luonto, kultti ja sitten Kalevalakorut.